Monday, August 3, 2015

MTC - Week 2: The exact thing I prayed for happened!

Hello everyone! Guess what? I leave for St. Louis TOMORROW!! Ahhh!! These past two weeks have gone by so fast! At first I was a little unsure but I absolutely love the MTC! I am such good friends with everyone and love everyone in my district! It is hard to believe how little time we have spent together. Crazy!! Since I leave tomorrow my P-Day this week was today instead of Tuesday :)

Anyway, this week has been awesome! I am such a better teacher than I was when I got here. Elder Vergara and I are so much more united which is awesome! He is only my companion for like more day though so I hope my next one is as cool! :)
The food is seriously so delicious I can't handle it. Recently I have been limiting myself to only water instead of soda and not having too much bread or desserts. I know it's lame but my body will thank me later (if bodies could talk)

So yesterday was Sunday and we had to go to the Main Campus for the devotional! We have to take buses to get there and it it is just a blast. Anyway before it started I found Braeden in the crowd and said hi to him, and was like "alright I've find you afterwards" but then afterwards I couldn't find him! I had lost him! After the devotional we all go to classrooms to watch our gospel video of choice, so we're not all together anymore! After our video I was leaving to board the bus back to West Campus and prayed that somehow Braeden would come find me so I could say bye to him before leaving the MTC! I was literally stepping into the bus when I heard someone shout and saw him right behind me!!  He had seen me from far away and ran over before I could leave! I said bye to him and was so relieved!
It might seem kind of small and dumb but I thought it was cool that the exact thing I prayed for happened. The Lord really does hear our prayers! Even if you think it's a dumb thing to ask for :)

Also some random funny stuff, we were watching a video in English and someone wanted subtitles so we put it on but the subtitles were like automated so they just tried to type what the voice was saying but it totally messed up on some words!! Like the guy said "close quote" and the subtitles said "Costco" and I was dying!! Haha so funny. Maybe you had to be there for it to be funny? Also I saw an Elder Shakespeare which is pretty cool. I didn't know that was a real name. Okay I guess it was a real name at some point but I had never seen one in real life haha!!

We had a departure devotional yesterday too and our district sang the EFY I Am A Child of God/Army of Helaman song in Spanish! It sounded pretty good, and I got to conduct it haha! It was fun, even if some of them aren't the... greatest singers ;) It was awesome!!

I love you all so much! Keep sending the Dear Elders, they are seriously the best! I know I sound desperate, but I really do love them haha. ;)

Also I think my mission home address is on my Facebook but I will try to update everyone on my address next week when I'm in Missouri!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: my first package!!
Photo 2: me and the boyzz
Photo 3: me and the boyzz pt. 2
Photo 4: we had a cream soda party!! (i promise it's cream soda) ;)
Photo 5: a picture i drew on the whiteboard on my desk!! it's two missionaries talking to a guy in mexico :)

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