Monday, August 3, 2015

MTC - Week 1: Today was definitely better than the first day

Hey so even if it's not my P-Day they're letting me say hi real fast and I'll send my real email on Tuesday! I didn't know they'd let you do this so I actually sent a real letter today haha I don't know when you'll get it!! Anyway I got here safe and I am doing great!! It is hard but getting better! Today was definitely better than the first day. I love you so much! Talk to you on Tuesday! :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Mi sweet Gene,

I hope you had a great weekend, and that you have made great friends and experienced many wonderful things as you prepare to serve the hispanic saints in St. Louis!

Yesterday, my Nathan said something funny. He was like--What if Gene had taken the Nintendo 3Ds on his mission? and I said, "Well, he couldn't have, he is not supposed to because he is a missionary." Then he goes "He can't play Nintendo 3DS EVER???? It was funny if you saw his expression. Then I said, "oh no, he can play when he gets back, because he won't be a missionary forever. Anyway, just something fun about Nathan. He does talk about you. =-)

Today we got your letter. Oh my gosh, I am so excited to send you a care package this week. I will have Sofia help me put stuff in there that you will enjoy.

That is strange that your companion is so old. I think papa had an old companion, and he learned a lot from him. It may seem weird, but I am sure this elder is there because he wants to serve for sure. Where is he from? Is he going to St. Louis too? Have you met anyone from your mission that will be leaving on the 26th with you? Will we be able to talk to you before you get on the plane? 

Today I made enchiladas. Every time I cook I think, "Gene would have loved this..." I am sorry that it has been difficult for you. Is it the language? Remember when I would ask you to practice with me and you did not want to? =-) I am sure your fluency will come quickly. The Lord will help you to loosen your tongue and the language will become a part of you in no time. If it happens to missionaries who know nothing before getting there, why won't it happen to you? Remember that our weakneses are made strong as put our trust in the Lord. I love this scripture, but I can't remember the reference. haha 

I talked to Nancy Whyte about Dillon and she says he LOVED the MTC! Maybe he is just flat out crazy haha. I hope you learn to love it and focus, like you said, on your studies and what you are responsible for during this time. Do you have cleaning duties? I am glad you are loving the food!

Andrea, your cousin, just got engaged! The wedding is on November 22nd. We are planning on attending the wedding and then driving down to AZ for Thanksgiving. I hope you meet a good family down in St Louis that will invite you to spend Thanksgiving with them. Those are the times that I will definitely miss you the most! 

Are you in need of anything? Pajamas? Anything? I did exchange the shirt tia Azu got you and I will mail it to you this week. 

We are so excited to read your email tomorrow. I am tempted to send this now, but I will wait til I hear back from you.

Love, Your mama

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