Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 11: I still feel homesick from time to time

Hello everyone! Nothing too huge happened this week, but it's still been good! It is hard to believe that this transfer is almost over haha! Crazy! Time really does fly, but I don't mind it at all, haha :)

We still haven't been able to meet with Eddy (our investigator) this week! He is definitely very tough to get a hold of! Every time we drop by he is never home and he doesn't answer texts too often, so we will see how this week goes...
Quinn (the referral we got a couple weeks back) works and goes to school during the week so we haven't been able to set up a time with her either! It is pretty annoying, but hopefully this Sunday we'll have a chance to actually talk to her.

A few weeks ago the elders in the Weldon Spring ward found someone tracting who said they would be moving into a house in our area within the next week! This week she called and asked if we could help her move and we did! It was really fun actually and she is super nice and super interested! Her name is Patty and she is like 30 and married and has a 2 year old daughter. She took us to Jimmy John's afterwards, which was also pretty cool :) She is seriously so cool and has so much potential! Hopefully we will get to meet with her this week sometime :)

On Wednesday our ward had its Trunk or Treat and it was pretty fun! Haha Elder Mattson and I switched nametags for the night, because that was about as much of a costume as we were allowed to have... we took home a bunch of leftover chili though which was awesome!

On Thursday our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Hente, took us up to north part of our area to see a few people. One of them was a couple named Robert and Michelle who are extremely interested but actually live just outside of the ward boundaries! I mentioned teaching Robert in like one of my first emails and so it was cool to see him again after like two months. They are both super cool but we just need to figure out if they're going to get a boundary exception or if we'll have to pass them off the the elders in their area.

Halloween was definitely a different day! We didn't do too much because of all that was going on, but it was still pretty fun. We were supposed to have our cars parked at 5pm and we could only be at an investigator's house, a member's house, or our own apartment! No one invited us over so we just chilled at home the whole night and it was actually not as boring as I thought it'd be, haha! It felt good to just relax for a bit :)

Stake Conference was this weekend too and it was great! The stake presidency was reorganized which only happens like every nine years! Elder Martino of the Seventy was there and it was just really cool to see.

Overall it wasn't the most eventful week, but this next week we have very high hopes for! We have a few potentials who really do have potential we think! Although I still feel homesick from time to time I still love everyone I have met here and the friendships I've been able to make! Have an awesome week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: me and my pumpkin (it's supposed to be mario)
Photo 2: me throwing my pumpkin (i thought it would look cool)

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