Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 12: Blitz with zone leaders

This has been such a great week!! Seriously! Things are moving forward and the last two months of not much happening are beginning to pay off! :)

Our investigator Eddy still hasn't been able to meet, although we are planning on seeing him tonight. Hopefully he will have some time and not have another excuse, but we have high hopes for him for sure!

We stopped by and saw Patty, the potential investigator we helped moved last week, and set up a time to meet with her and her husband on Friday! She really does seem interested and really just loves missionaries. We are super excited for her even if we haven't started teaching her yet! :)

Robert and Michelle, the two almost-investigators we saw last week, came to church this week and loved it! They come pretty much every week now, which is really great to see. They want to be baptized and everything already but it is just tough because they are still technically out of our area and should be in another ward. We are still seeing them every week though, so hopefully things will work out eventually.

The best part of the week was definitely Saturday! We started off with a lesson early in the morning with a less-active who we have been trying to get in contact with for a while. His name is Kendall and apparently he just got married to a non-member named Dena! He grew up in the Church and had a good experience and wants the same for their 2-year-old son, so he is interested in maybe coming back and his wife wants to learn more too! She is now an investigator and we are seeing them next Saturday! So awesome!! :)

Later that day the Zone Leaders went on a "blitz" with us, which is an exchange where both companionships stay in the same area to help us out for the day. We weren't looking forward to it because we were thinking it would be awkward and we wouldn't have enough people planned to see, but it ended up being so great! Elder Mattson (my companion) went with Elder Nelson who had served in the area before and had tons of people in mind to see! (he is also from a little town close to Rexburg that I can't remember the name of) They ended up tracting into a guy who let them right in and picked him up as an investigator too! His name is Tim and he is apparently pretty solid.

I went with Elder Jones and we ended up tracting and finding two new potential investigators! We had tons of fun and I found that we have a very similar music taste, which made for great car conversation :)

Our teaching pool is up to three and hopefully this week will be even better! I am pretty sure I am staying in this area for another transfer, but I guess I don't know for sure! I love seeing our persistence and hard work pay off finally. I am have tons of fun and I love being a missionary! It isn't very easy but it is definitely worth it :)

FYI, you used to be able to send mail to the mission office address, but now they aren't able to forward mail from there to our apartments so if you do want to send mail then you need to send it directly to my apartment address! I am pretty sure my address won't be changing next transfer (which is in one week) but I guess it could! For at least the next week my address is still:
2103 Woodale Ln.
St. Peters, MO 63376

Thank you for all the love and support :) Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: brother breeding (the member who let us pick his apple trees last week) had a cool license plate he used to use... :)

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