Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 15

Hello everyone! Another great week!! The weather has been a little bipolar recently. Yesterday the high was like 65 and the low was 25 haha! It dropped super fast! And then this morning there was a layer of ice on the car and everything from the humidity and rain!! Crazy :)

It's still been tough to meet with a few of our investigators this week! They are just tough to get a hold of, haha! We actually had to drop Tim and Mona because Mona now works Sundays and the only day they can meet is on Saturday, which is their Sabbath because they're Seventh Day Adventists! Maybe someone in the future someone will try seeing if they're still willing to meet but for now we're giving them a break haha :)

We have two new investigators! Patty and Jeremy are a pretty cool couple. We helped them move a few weeks ago and she seems really interested. Jeremy seems less interested but doesn't seem uninterested! So that's good :) They had us over for dinner and we taught them the Restoration afterwards! I'm excited for them!!

Thanksgiving was great! We had a family let us hang out with them all day and we ate and played lots of board games!! It was a pretty good time :) I am so grateful for everything! My life is great!!

Robert and Michelle (our two investigators with baptism dates) have a daughter named Nikki and she has been going through a lot of trials with an abusive ex-husband and other legal issues so we gave her a blessing! Elder Jacobson gave it to her and afterwards the Spirit was so strong and she described how she was feeling and it was just amazing!

Also the trailer her and her kids live in has a room near the back that apparently their dog refuses to go into for no apparent reason. It is pretty freaky but just to get rid of any bad spirits in the home we also blessed her home! The dog had been barking pretty consistently throughout our visit but when I started giving the blessing it stopped barking and didn't bark again for the time we were there! Pretty cool :)

A new thing we are doing is called the He is the Gift initiative and us as missionaries are handing out ten cards a day for it! They are special cards with on the back and it is the coolest little video! Go watch it!! Also something cool I found recently is It is a new version of the church is experimenting with and it has short little 60 second videos explaining different aspects of our beliefs and it's just really cool! Check it out :)

On Saturday we went on a road trip!! Kind of... our area extends about an hour north and we never get to go up there so we did! We spent most of the day there and it made me realize how cool the country is! Missouri is just so flat and it's kind of cool seeing nothing but flatness for miles and miles without any buildings! I love it :)

Today was a super good week and my new companion is really cool too! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! I love you all, have a good week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: a huge map we made by scanning pages out of our map book and taping them together!! we traveled to the very top :)
Photo 2: flatness!!!
Photo 3: selfie!!!!
Photo 4: a stilt house! the coolest thing ever! there was a little neighborhood in the middle of nowhere right by the mississippi river with like 15 of these! they blow my mind!!

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