Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 17

Merry Christmas everyone!! It's only a few days away, ahh! So crazy :) Anyway, this week has been so good! Time goes by so fast, I can't believe it's on Thursday, haha!

On Tuesday morning we went to the house of one of our investigator families and helped them frame and put up a wall in their house!! I have definitely never done it before but it was actually kind of fun! I definitely preferred the framing to the drywalling but it was a good learning experience :) Not bad at all! It's also nice getting to wear normal clothes... hehe :)

Our two investigators with baptism dates, Robert and Michelle, now officially have baptism calendars!! Haha, they are now planning on being baptized on the 17th of January. I am so excited for them! They are doing really well and will hopefully be able to make that date!

We had to review the Word of Wisdom with Michelle again because she was still smoking her e-cig and drinking tea... haha but she understands it perfectly now and apparently has gotten her e-cig down to 3% nicotine! Hopefully she'll get be able to quit completely before the 17th :) They are awesome though!

We have also been teaching Michelle's daughter Nikki and also Nikki's kids and they're doing well too! She might take a little longer before she's baptized but they are still great! I can definitely see how their lives have improved since they've started meeting with us. We gave their kids copies of the Book of Mormon and they have all been reading! It's awesome!! :)

On Friday a family in the ward had us over for dinner and also invited a bunch of neighbors to come over! It went so well and we shared a short Christmas message and watched He is the Gift with them. They seemed to really enjoy it!! Yay for members who actually do missionary work!! Haha :)

Nothing much else to report. Overall it was a very good week and I loved it all! Christmastime is awesome because everyone is more willing to hear about Jesus Christ but they are also a lot more busy... there are ups and downs for sure! Being a missionary is great and I love it! I am learning and growing a lot :) Missouri is a swell place. Love it!

I hope you all have a great Christmas!! Thank you for everything! Love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: i'm such a good companion!! :) #sharethegift

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