Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 19

What a crazy week!! It is weird to finally be in a different area! Columbia, Missouri is super cool. It's a college town, home of Mizzou (University of Missouri) and it is awesome! There are two sets of Elders in the Columbia Ward and our area is actually more of the rural part of Columbia, so it's lots of trailer parks but occasionally city areas, haha. It's pretty awesome!

Before I was transferred, on Tuesday we picked up an investigator named Tasha. She is someone Elder Mattson (my trainer) and I tracted into two months ago. She seemed really interested at the time but then we struggled to set solid appointments with her so she never became an investigator. One time Elder Mattson and I tried her and some guy we hadn't seen before answered and pretty much just told us that Tasha already went to a church. It was really disappointing and we were like man now what! Luckily we had her number and every few weeks I thought it'd be good to keep in touch and make sure she's doing alright! My persistence paid off because we finally got to meet with her!!

A lot of times I've wondered how much of an impact I actually make here. Like there are people who I'm sure would get baptized whether I were here or not, but if I hadn't decided to not give up on Tasha no one might have started teaching her! It really made me realize that I'm here for a reason!! :)

Anyway, on Wednesday I was transferred and my companion is now Elder Ivey! He is from St. George and is pretty cool and easy to get along with. He plays guitar and also had a ukulele so we jam together sometimes. Like I mentioned earlier, my new area is Columbia and I am loving it so far. We have lots of investigators and one of them is getting baptized this month!

Also I live in a house now!! It is so much bigger than my last apartment, haha. I love it! So much space!! My new address is:

4812 E. Schooner Rd.
Apt. B
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Also, Columbia has a few more Spanish speakers than my last area did so I will be able to practice that more here! Especially because they are too far from the Spanish branch to go there!! I'm excited :)

Things are great! Thank you everyone!
Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: jam sesh with elder ivey :)

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