Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 20

Columbia is so awesome! I was a little nervous about being moved but the change has been great and I love it already. Elder Ivey is also a good companion and we get along great :)

Every Tuesday we go service at the Ronald McDonald house which is pretty fun. I like any excuse to wear normal clothes, haha :) This week we just took down a bunch of Christmas decorations which wasn't the greatest but hey it was a change of pace! Not bad at all.

So this was a pretty good week except for the very last few days...
Bernadette was an investigator who was found tracting a few weeks before I got here. She is like 68 and super nice and seemed so solid!! Seriously! She was going to be baptized on the 31st and everything and was so excited and had a plan to quit smoking and everything!! We had pretty much taught her everything and then on like Friday she called us and said that she could no longer accept the Book of Mormon and that we shouldn't go back :(

It caught us off guard so bad! We didn't see it coming at all. We immediately went over and talked to her and she pretty much explained that she thought it contradicted the Bible and that she was just gonna start attending some Pentecostal church. It was pretty apparent that someone had showed her anti-Mormon material :( It was so sad to see her go but we will try seeing her in a few weeks just to check up on her! We are pretty positive she will come around eventually :)

We are teaching tons of cool people here though. There's a 13 year old kid named Deveon and his great grandma Memaw (everyone calls her that we don't know her name lol) who are pretty solid and like what we've been teaching too! It's all just been fun even with the occasional disappointments.

Also there used to be a Spanish branch here in Columbia called the Valley View Branch which is pretty weird because in Rexburg I was in the Valley View Ward haha! We might be seeing a few Spanish speakers sometime so that will definitely be interesting!

Things are great in Columbia! I'll put my address here again for your convenience :)

4812 E. Schooner Rd.
Apt. B
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Thank you all for everything! Have a good week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: random huge chairs!!!
Photo 2: sick sunset!!

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