Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 21

Solid week! Things are slow-ish but still great! Like we have tons of investigators but none of them are really progressing :/ But we are still having fun and working hard :) It's also been freezing recently but this last weekend it warmed up to like the 50's which is super awesome! I was wearing short sleeves in January!! Ha :)

Time really is flying by! This transfer's like already half over. Pretty crazy... also Tuesday I hit my five month mark so that's pretty exciting too I guess, haha!

We found like four investigators this week too! They are all pretty good so far though we've only had one lesson with each of them. This area is really cool because it's not too poor but also not too rich!! It's just a good middle ground, haha.

Honestly there isn't too much to report this week! We have been doing some more tracting and surprisingly that's where we find the most people to teach. Like tracting never works but it actually is which is pretty cool :)

We want to see Bernadette, the investigator that dropped us, sometime this week just to see how she's doing and stuff. She is still really nice and will probably let us talk to her. We are curious to see how she likes the Pentecostal church she said she was going to start attending too! Hopefully things go well. It baffles me how she changed her mind so quickly and suddenly! There is still hope for her we think :)

Columbia's great! I'm doing great! Everything is great :)
Send me letters!!

4812 E. Schooner Rd.
Apt. B
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Sorry I don't have too much to write about! I am doing good though :) Love you all!
Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: Elder Ivey and I are obsessed with finding frozen bodies of water and walking on them... lol
Photo 2: lookin fresh ;)

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