Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 23

Hi everyone! Things are still good here. The weather was way nice for a few days and now it's really cold again. Apparently the groundhog saw his shadow so winter isn't over but it actually looks like it might start warming up soon! I'm excited! Overall the week has been pretty good. I really can't complain. I bought a keyboard at a pawn shop so that's pretty cool. Elder Ivey and I love jamming together :)

We had tons of lessons set up with people that we were planning on getting members to also but most of them fell through which was kind of annoying. That's something we've been trying to improve on because getting members at lessons really helps with the fellowshipping and also just the teaching! Like how Amulek helps Alma teach in the Book of Mormon!! But yeah we're still working on it :)

A member from my last area promised me that she would make me an object lesson she told us about centered around Alma 50! I was transferred before she got to make it but she sent it to me in the mail! I was very happy to get it :) It's a pretty cool lesson that just compares Moroni fortifying the cities to us fortifying our families!! We're been using it a lot on less-active members and at dinner appointments :)

Church was good too. I honestly don't usually look forward to Fast Sundays hahaha but this time I tried to have a better attitude and it was actually way good and helped make the whole day a little better :) The ward is good! I love it! Columbia is an awesome town I am very happy to be serving here! Hopefully next week we will have more lessons though. This week was a pretty dramatic drop from last week number-wise so we'll work on that definitely!

Also on February 13th I hit my six month mark! So insane!!

In case anyone cares my address is still:
4812 E. Schooner Rd.
Apt. B
Columbia, Missouri 65201

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: i had my foot propped up on the sink while i was clipping my toenails and the whole things just unhinged from the wall and collapsed!! we got it fixed though lol
Photo 2: whoops :)

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