Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 24

Sup! So transfer are this Wednesday but Elder Ivey and I are staying in Columbia! Woohoo! I figured I'd be staying but it was a nice surprise that everything is just staying the same. We are having fun and getting stuff done!

Elder Dingman's (our district leader) companion Elder Uasila'a' was here for six weeks waiting for a visa to go to Samoa! He is from Tonga but chilled in Missouri for a while. He's in Samoa now though so Elder Dingman is with Elder Ivey and I until Wednesday! Being in a missionary tri is really awkward but kind of funny, haha. It's just like too many people I think, especially when tracting haha! Love it :)

On Sunday we went to Elder Dingman's ward AND our ward so we had church like all day. I was pretty exhausted, haha! Not bad at all though.

This week has been good. There's really nothing spectacular that happened though. We found a couple pretty good new investigators and we had a lot more lessons with a member present than we have in a while! Our goal was to improve in that area and we did it! Woohoo :)

Talking about the weather is so dumb but I'm doing it anyway! This weekend was like 60's and it was just beautiful but now it's chilly again and hanging around the 40's. Not bad though! Last winter was apparently just horrible but this year it's been great! I'm glad, lol :)

So in my last area there was a recent convert named Bo who was pretty much like the smartest 18 year old I've ever talked to. He was super funny and now he is going to Mizzou and he just decided to start going to the Columbia ward instead of the YSA! So now we get to hang out with him all the time! He is pretty cool and really good to take on lessons. He also buys us food all the time lol :) Good stuff!!

Things are good! People are great! Weather's not bad! The work is moving! Life is swell! The church is true! Have a good week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: our district!!
Photo 2: throwback to a few months ago! it's my "posterity" line! from left to right it's elder spjut who trained elder phillips who trained elder mattson who trained me and elder galuvao!! one big happy family :)

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