Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 26

What's up! This week was great! It is like super cold right now but besides that thing are trucking along :) We also found three new investigators so it's been awesome! We are grateful for all the teaching opportunities we've been given recently :)

Justin is planning on getting baptized on April 4th! It is so awesome! We are super excited for him. There might be a few Law of Chastity issues to work out and also he really likes tattoos so we will see how thing work out. He has been reading every night with his girlfriend Yazmin and so it seems like he really wants to change for the better!! He's also super good at guitar and plays for us sometimes, lol :)

There's this dude named Cory who we see every couple weeks. I think I've talked about him before but I don't remember... anyway he is an Atheist but is more on the Agnostic side of things. He believes that there's no way anyone can truly know if there is or isn't a God but studies theology just because he thinks it is super interesting. We asks really deep questions so it makes for pretty interesting discussions!! It is difficult to convey to him how the Spirit really works and how you really can gain that assurance for yourself if you're willing to let it. He might not be swayed anytime soon but he is still fun to talk to for now... ha :)

Elder Ivey and I are getting along and doing good stuff here in Columbia. We teach a lot but very few of them are actually keeping their commitments! The few that are though are very promising and it has been wonderful to watch the gospel change people's lives.

I love this church and everyone in it. Missouri is a great place and I am so glad I was called to serve here. Thanks everyone who has helped make me who I am today :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: 6 months!!! not the best pic haha sorry...
Photo 2: Salt Lake City lego set!! Made by a company known as "Brick 'em Young" haha!!

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