Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 28

Hey!! So first of all, all the snow melted and now the temperature's hanging in the 60's, which feels amazing! A complete shift from last week, haha. Spring is finally coming and I couldn't be more ready for it :)

This week was a fairly slow one, though like most weeks it picked up around the weekend when people were actually home! Our investigators are doing alright too. The one thing I'd say they're struggling with is just coming to church. Like nobody actually commits to anything they just say that "they'll try" or "maybe" and just aren't looking for any major changes. It is pretty annoying but oh well! It is what it is I guess.

We had President Interviews and President Morgan told me that I'd be in the Spanish branch pretty soon! I might have explained this a while back but I'll go over it again real fast. There is only a single Spanish branch in the mission and only four Spanish elders, including myself! So by the end of my mission I will have spent about a year total in and out of the same branch. It is pretty weird!

I'm honestly kind of nervous to be in a Spanish area just because I've been teaching in English for nearly seven months now! I finally feel like I've gotten the hang of things but it'll be like starting over again I think. I'm sure it will be fine though and President doesn't seem to be worried about it so I shouldn't either :)

In church one of the talks was all about our divine nature which I thought was pretty cool. We are literally the spirit sons and daughters of Heavenly Father, which is a concept most people don't fully understand! We are His children and have the potential to become as great as He is. It's pretty sweet :)

Things are good! Love you all!
Love, Elder Hayes

(no photos this week sorry!)

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