Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 29

Sup! Things are going alright right now. First of all, the weather has been incredible this last week, like today the high is 80! Woohoo!!

This week has been great! It was also pretty interesting... haha so on Tuesday we found a new investigator named George. He is a rich 72 year old dude who sincerely wants to learn more about our religion!! He is pretty solid, except he has some very strange opinions. At one point of the lesson he looked at me and asked "What do you think about Islam?" to which I replied, "Well... they teach good morals" haha that was not the right answer!!

He like stood up immediately, swore loudly, and yelled that he ought to have all of us leave right then! He then proceeded to go on a ten minute rant on how much he hates Muslims. It was quite contentious, haha!! He also had a gun on his hip for some reason and I swear he reached for it when he stood up, haha! It was fine though, he is very opinionated but wants to meet with us, so that's good I guess.

I've been out for seven months now! Yay! Of course time continues to fly and things are going good! I can't complain! We don't know for sure what'll happen with me next transfer. I could go to the Spanish branch but I could also stay here another six weeks! Next week we find out :) I'm excited!!

I'm also almost done with the Book of Mormon! Well, kind of. I'm like in 3 Nephi, and it is so good! I love it! The scriptures are great and have power!

You're all great! Thanks for everything :) And sorry I have no photos again this week haha)

Love, Elder Hayes

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