Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 30 - Going to the Spanish Branch!!!

Things are super good right now guys! The weather's not bad and we taught tons of people this week! Also... I'm going to the Spanish branch!! Ahh! I am honestly pretty nervous but I am sure I will get into the hang of things quickly :)

I have explained this before but I'll do a quick recap. There is only one Spanish branch in the whole mission so even if I'm a Spanish speaking Elder I don't use it unless I'm in that area really... and there are only four Spanish Elders in the whole mission including me! So I will probably be spending a ton of time in this one branch... bring it on!

Elder Ivey and I ended this transfer on a pretty good note. Columbia has been so fun and I've loved working here but it's time to move on I guess! :) I have learned so much! Elder Ivey is actually being transferred to some country town in Illinois haha so both of us are leaving the area and getting replaced. We gotta make sure the apartment's clean and that they have enough info on all our investigators! Hopefully the area continues to do alright :)

I just finished the Book of Mormon and it is so great! I had been reading the Institute Study Manual that goes with it too and there was a part that stuck out to me that talked about how the Book of Mormon isn't something someone could have just made up! It is just so perfect! There's a quote by Elder Holland's grandpa I think that says something like, "No wicked man could write a book as this, and no righteous man would-- unless it were true, and he were commanded of God to do so" So cool!

I am excited to start practicing my Spanish again and for General Conference coming up! It's crazy how fast time goes! I swear we just had General Conference... haha! :) I am doing fine and I'm excited for the future.

Also my address will be changing as of Wednesday, so if any letters get to my old place they'll get to me eventually it'll just take a little longer. I'll have my new address next Monday :) Thank you everyone!

Love, Elder Hayes

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