Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 34

Hello! So first things first, I'm 19 now!! Woohoo!! It was so awesome thank you everyone for the packages they definitely made me feel good about myself :) Elder Hamiltion, another elder in the district, baked me a mint brownie cake and it was super good!! We had a little mini birthday party haha and it was a good time. We didn't have candles so we just used a bunch of matches and it made huge flames hahaha it was actually pretty cool.

Besides that, it was actually a lot slower of a week than last week. We didn't find nearly as many investigators this week, but one of the ones we found is worth every investigator we've found put together!!

So here's the story: we were walking around this neighborhood we walk around everyday because of all the Hispanics there and we were going to try this potential that wasn't that solid and probably not home but then we were like, "Hey, why not try it anyway!" so we did and the potential didn't answer but someone else did who we hadn't seen before! His name is Kevin Castillo and he is like 22 and from Honduras originally. He let us right in and long story short he has been looking for a church because he isn't satisfied with his Catholic/non-denominational Christian upbringing! He kept saying everything we said was super "deep" haha :) He loved it and said that we would love to be baptized because he was actually never baptized in any church! We are super excited for him and are glad we listened to that small prompting to knock on the door anyway :)

When you feel a prompting to do something that invites to do good, just do it! Don't stop and wonder if it's the Holy Ghost or not, just do it and when you see the fruits that come from doing that there will be no doubt in your mind that the Spirit is helping you in your life :)

I love you! Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: chillin on a TANK

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