Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 35

Hey! Not a bad week. It was honestly pretty slow to begin with but then it picked up near the end. It seems like that's how most weeks are honestly, but they still go by quick :)

We haven't been able to meet with Kevin (our top investigator) this week which was too bad. He also couldn't come to church because he got called in to work last minute even if he doesn't work Sundays normally anymore! We will get him next week for sure :)

Yesterday (Sunday) was probably the most interesting day of the week. We taught a Jehovah's Witness! She isn't as into her religion as other Jehovah's Witnesses though. It was a good lesson and she had actually read the first seven chapters of the Book of Mormon we had left her! She could tell us everyone's names and the story and everything. I am always astounded when people actually read haha no one ever does!! Unfortunately she is moving to Mexico in like four days, but there might be potential with her family that will still be living at the same address.

We also taught this college-aged guy from Spain named Alvaro. He is pretty cool and we had a good lesson although he asked a ton of questions! We aren't sure if he is actually interested or not, even if he is totally cool with talking to us and stuff. We'd say he's more "curious" at this point than actually interested. We'll work with him though :)

Also Elder Quentin L. Cook is coming to our mission this weekend for our stake conference and then a mission conference! I am so excited!! We a
There wasn't much more worth talking about that happened. We're working and having fun while doing it. I recently finished reading King Benjamin's sermon in Mosiah and I noticed lots of things that I hadn't in the past! It really is great and I love how everyone listens to him with their families. I love my family!! I love all of you thanks for everything!

Have the best week ever!!

Love, Elder Hayes

Sorry for the random cut-off sentence there haha. I sent the email before finishing my accident. I meant to say: We are so lucky!!

Also here are some pics!! We went to Paint Louis which is a three mile long wall where people come and paint random stuff. The last photo is some tags some missionaries made on the wall like seven years ago!!

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