Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 39

Hey everyone! Recently we have seriously been really busy. Like our days are usually pretty filled with appointments and other things but this last week our numbers dropped a little bit. We aren't sure exactly why... I think it's just because recently more less-actives have been meeting with us instead of investigators, so at first glance it seems like we're dropping by I think the focus is just a little different recently. Overall though it's been great I think!

We just found out that our mission is having yet another mission conference!! It will be next Monday which will push P-Day to Tuesday again! Also, Elder D. Todd Christofferson will be visiting us!! We are seriously so lucky to have these General Authorities come and visit us. When Elder Sitati came last year we expected that to be the last mission conference we'd ever have, but we were all wrong! We are definitely blessed :)

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to teach a family! Teaching entire families at once doesn't happen super often so it was a cool experience. The kids were all super crazy and all over the place but we all watched the Restoration DVD and they all seemed to like it. They all had tons of questions (some of which were more relevant than others... haha) It was great though and hopefully we'll get to see them again tomorrow!

Being out here isn't always the easiest thing, but overall you learn so many things you can't learn anywhere else and I love it. I am so thankful for everyone who supports me and for the opportunity I have to be serving the people of Missouri :) Have a good week!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: me at the st. louis art museum :)
Photos 2 & 3: me at the top of the gateway arch!!
Photo 4: this is at the st. louis zoo... hahaha that is a duck if you can't see it!!

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