Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 4: The field is white already to harvest

Hello everyone!
Do you see that subject line?? Week FOUR! How crazy is that!! The time has gone by so fast and it's awesome! I love Missouri more and more each day it is so different but I love it! I don't think I described how Missouri looks very well (if at all) so I'll tell you now! First of all it is super flat! There are absolutely no mountains which is super weird, like if you're up high all you see is a flat expanse of green extending forever haha!! It is super green and pretty though which I enjoy! Trees EVERYWHERE! The weather is super hot and humid but starting with yesterday it cooled down considerably and now it feels amazing! It's a fun place :)

So this week has been another of trying to find potential investigators from people in our Area Book with little success! We still have no investigators at all haha!! It is kind of pathetic but we are still trying! This next week we are coming back to visit some people who said we could so hopefully we'll at least get to teach a lesson or two.

We got fed dinner literally every single night last week which was super awesome!! But unfortunately we only have one appointment set up this week... it seems like everyone signed up for the first week of the month just so they could say they fed us and not have to worry again till October... but oh well haha!

So updates on a few people we have been talking to!
Mr. Ward: Kind older black man we talked to last week and gave a Restoration pamphlet to! He said we could come back later but when we did he said he had been drinking and that it wasn't a good time lol. He did say he'll read the pamphlet though!
Gabe: A really weird guy we met while walking past his house one day. He grew up Mormon but is now more agnostic! He talks so much and it is hard to keep the conversation focused on the message. He also has a very colorful vocabulary which is always a joy to hear! He always says we can come back though so that's nice.
There are lots of more but like I said they are all potential investigators not investigators! No lessons taught yet, but we will get there soon haha. Usually they say we can come back a certain day but then they're never home...

So for the most part people here are nice but everyone already seems to have a religion they are happy with. There have been a few grumps though. Last week we were tracting and walking up to the next house and while we were like twenty feet from the door a guy slammed it open and came outside and yelled, "Get off my property right now! MOVE!!" like if we were trying to kidnap his kids or something!! It kind of scared me! It is sad because I feel like he wouldn't have been such a jerk if we weren't wearing our nametags. Some people will judge us simply because of that! It got me down for a little but as Elder Mattson and I talked about it I felt better because even if some people might be mean it is worth it to get to the people who are ready for the gospel! None of our efforts are in vain even if it seems like it sometimes. "The field is white already to harvest"!! We are harvesting the field every day even if it means going through a few weeds! The wheat is out there waiting for us!!

That was really the only negative thing that has happened so far! Overall I love being out here and love being a missionary! It is tough sometimes but it really isn't anything I can't handle. I learn more and more every day and my testimony grows every day too! The Church is true :)
I love you guys! I'm so sorry I have no photos this week I just didn't think of it! I'll be sure to send some next week.

Have a great week everyone!
Love, Elder Hayes

In case you forgot my address is:
2013 Woodale Ln.
St. Peters, MO 63376

I'd love some mail ;)

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