Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 41

​Missouri gets soo hot! Yesterday it hit 90 or 91 and we were both dying!! I think my face is a little sunburned too actually. The humidity over here is killer, but it's a little more bearable when nice people give you water :)

So yesterday we got to teach this guy named Adrian. I can't remember if I've mentioned him in the past, but he is currently our only investigator with a baptismal date! July 11th hopefully :) However, he never received an education so he struggles with reading. He can do it, it just takes him a while and it's hard for him to comprehend what he's reading. We read with him sometimes though and are slowly helping him understand the significance of what we teach. He's doing great :)

This week was a little bit slower, but we still teach consistently and manage to find at least one new investigator every week which is awesome. The last couple of days really dragged on because we had appointments cancel and were sweating all day in the heat. We were pretty tired and wanted to just stop but decided to try a few more houses and ended up meeting a few new people that we might get to teach more next week! It definitely pays to endure to the end even if it seems difficult.

A couple days ago I was able to finish the Book of Mormon for the fourth time. I definitely wish I had spent more time while I was home studying the scriptures. I did alright but most of the time I was probably just going through the motions instead of really feasting on them. I am more sure now that the Book of Mormon is true than I have ever been in my life!! I don't understand how people can just cast it aside without giving it a chance. It supports the Bible in every way and truly is another testament of Jesus Christ! It's amazing!

I love all of you and hope you have a great week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: we got to go to this place called the laumeier sculpture park. it's a park with a bunch of cool abstract art sculptures!
Photo 2: it's supposed to be symbolic of a holocaust victim
Photo 3: a pathetic attempt to spell "i love you" with our bodies next to a giant eyeball. didn't really work out bahaha

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