Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 44

Best week ever!! Seriously, so many great things have happened. I'll cut right to the chase, so our investigator Adrian who has a baptism date is progressing finally! His date was originally for July 11th but now it is for the 1st of August! I think he can actually make this one. He is so awesome he is definitely our favorite investigator :) He wants to be baptized but wants to make sure he is prepared of course. I've mentioned it in the past but he did not go to school so he struggles with reading and comprehension.

We were having a lesson with him and read 2 Nephi 31 with him. He can read but he just has to take his time. There was a point where we were going over a certain verse and explained it to him and something clicked and he got super excited because it was apparently the first time he had understood a scripture like that! He is so great haha. It's awesome seeing his excitement and willingness to learn.

We also had a branch Father's Day dinner party and he came to that AND church the following day!! It was his first time and he loved it. We are so excited for him and hope he continues to progress :)

Adrian coming to church was probably the highlight of the week. The rest was also good like always :) We are also starting to go to Columbia every other week to see a guy over there we teach. I don't know if I mentioned him in the past but it's pretty cool cause it's my old area :) It's also like 2 hours away so road trips are always fun too!!

Things are great here and I love the opportunity I have to help people like Adrian find happiness in this life :) Being a missionary is so wonderful!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: pic of me and elder solis taken via selfie stick
Photo 2: same thing lol

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