Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 47

Another great week everyone! It's still been pretty hot but it looks like this week we'll be getting more rain. In fact at this very moment it is storming outside super hard and I think it's awesome!! I love the rain :)

So Adrian didn't come to church on Sunday. We aren't sure why because it was raining so he shouldn't have been working, but the night before he texted us and said he couldn't make it. He seemed to really like it the one time he went but we aren't sure if he actually couldn't or just didn't want to go. We'll have to reschedule his baptism date unfortunately. He does have a sincere desire though and I'm confident that it'll happen soon enough. When he's ready it'll happen :)

It's really been a great week. Out efforts last week to get more referrals paid off because this week we found EIGHT new investigators! It's been awesome. Half of them were Hispanics found by other missionaries and referred to us! Now the only problem is that few people are willing to make it to church :( They'll say they'd like to check it out but never show up!

We worked hard this week and are pretty excited for all the new people we found. Something that we've been trying is not wasting our time visiting people who won't progress and using that time to keep finding new people. It's hard to let go of some people just because they're so nice and always let us in, but if they aren't willing to keep commitments and actually investigate the church we have no reason to be there! It's been working out for us though :)

I'm grateful for the blessings we've been able to enjoy this week as we've been diligent and strived to do our best. I've been reading a lot out of the New Testament recently and have been loving it. As members of church we tend to only read the Book of Mormon but I've found that studying from ALL the Standard Works you can really gain a better understanding of things :)

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