Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 49

Hey what's up!! This week was a great one!! Lots of awesome and unexpected things happened. First things first, normally the area I'm in is in charge of the three stakes, one of which is called Maryland Heights. However, ever since I've been here we've just covered two due to a missionaries in Maryland Heights knowing Spanish. With this last transfer that missionary was moved somewhere else so now we cover it all again... and we're super busy now! It is almost a little stressful having so many people to see but I absolutely prefer it over being a slow area. I'm not complaining!! :)

This week we taught someone named Emelia who I don't remember if we've mentioned or not... but she is almost 12 years old and funnily enough does not speak Spanish. Elder Solis met her and her family like eight months ago when he was serving in this area previously and so since Emelia already knew him we ended up teaching her! It is an interesting situation haha but long story short she decided she wants to be baptized this Saturday!! It was all very unexpected but we are gonna make it happen!! :)

Gabriel is another person we've been teaching who I mentioned last week! Yesterday we taught him the Word of Wisdom and he agreed to try living it this week! He is super solid and actually asked us when he could be baptized this week!! We were like whoooa slow down we got some more to teach you! But we set a baptism date with him for September 5th, but if he's ready before then we'll do it earlier!! We are so excited for him and it is awesome seeing how prepared he is. His wife isn't super into it though so hopefully that isn't too big of a stumbling block...

This week has been great! Things are happening!! I'm grateful for the prayers that have been answered this week :) Everyone have a good week!! I love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

(sorry no pics this week either.......)

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