Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 5: The earth moves around the sun

Hello everyone!! So September 13th was my one month anniversary!! I am 1/24th done with my mission! Maybe I shouldn't think about that... haha anyway I can't believe how fast the time goes! Each week goes by faster than the last, and I love it!

So this area is definitely a tough one. We still have ZERO investigators! Some of the potentials we have been checking in on have some promise but most of them still haven't read the pamphlets we've left them and just won't make time to see us. It's okay though because this week things are really going to change!!

So I went on my first exchange! I spent a day with Elder Hansen from Utah (like all the Elders are from Utah lol) and it was fun! We had McDonald's for lunch which was cool. I love McDonald's... anyway it was pretty awesome!!

Also fun story of the week, we got a FLAT TIRE! Elder Mattson and I were driving when we saw the the air pressure was randomly low all of a sudden and turns out we ran over a nail or something and our front right tire was slowly deflating! Haha it was a party. Luckily he knew how to put the spare on, and we took the tire over to a Firestone to have it fixed. We spent most of that day dealing with car stuff, but it was fun :)

The week was normal up until yesterday! So our area covers most of the St. Peters city area but also extends really northward! We only get to go up north like once a week with Brother Hente (our ward mission leader) because it is just country land really and we can't afford to drive up there all the time!

So a while back this lady ran out of gas in front of Brother Hente's house and had asked him for help. Long story short, he has been helping this family out for a couple weeks and they need so much!! He has been giving them things that they need because they are super poor. On Sunday night we went with him to take them some space heaters he had and WOW!!

So the family is like five people and they consist of this lady and her son and daughter and another lady with her son. It is pretty complicated like I don't know how they started living together. Well they live in this trailer house in the middle of nowhere and it is sooo dirty!! There are like holes in the walls and there is dust everywhere and it is just so shocking! Literally everything is falling apart, it is so sad to see! Also like half of the people there are recovering from drug addictions. It is pretty sketchy!!

They actually want to become Mormon, or so they say! We don't know if they are sincere or if they just want welfare or what, so it is just complicated. We have an appointment with them this Thursday so we will see how it goes!! Really is just made me so grateful for everything I have. It was such a humbling experience seeing how these people lived with practically nothing!! I have so much to be grateful for that I take for granted every day! I love my family and the home I grew up in and my friends and everything! Thank you everyone for making me the person I am today :)

So here's a random fun thing I found out! In Helaman 12:15, Nephi (the son of Helaman) says that the Earth moves around the sun and not vice versa!! This was in about 7 BC!! He knew it before Galileo or whatever discovered it (I don't know who actually discovered it haha) Anyway I thought that was cool, to me at least :)

Sorry if this is too much to read haha! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! Have a great week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: Me standing my a street named after someone I once knew... ;)
Photo 2: Me waking up from a nap I think??
Photo 3: Changing the tire!! (I helped a little)
Photo 4: I got a Polar Pop from Circle K!! It's a 44oz fountain drink for like 79 cents! Love it :)

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