Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 50: Days like these make me forget about the not-so-great days!

This week has been fantastic! I really don't know where to begin. So many amazing things have happened it is crazy!! We are being blessed so much!! I just love this area and wish I could stay longer. I will probably be leaving the branch in like four weeks but we honestly don't know... who knows!

So most of the week was alright and average up until the last few days. We went to Firestone to get the oil changed in our car when we found out that our registration and license plates were expired!! We were driving illegally, haha! I then remembered that a few months ago I had been mailed a letter with some stickers in it for our plates that I was supposed to have put on the car but I forgot and left it in the trunk! We looked and looked and looked but couldn't find it anywhere. Long story short we were stressed because we needed our car and found them in a trash can at the church building! While cleaning out our car we had accidentally tossed it. Our prayers were definitely answered! :)

Yesterday we started the day going to church at the Maryland Heights ward, the new ward we are now covering. It was cool and I was able to meet the Hispanic members there and everything! Then halfway through sacrament meeting we get a text telling us that Gabriel, one of our investigators, was at church at the branch with his wife and two kids!! What!! We were freaking out because his wife has originally been against him meeting with us at all but he got her to go to church with him! Their youngest daughter went to nursery and it was so wonderful. After sacrament meeting we rushed over to the branch to see them and made it halfway through Gospel Principles class. It was all just great and all the members did an awesome job at fellowshipping then even if we weren't there for part of it.

Later that evening we actually had an appointment with Gabriel so we went over and he told us how he had liked church a lot even if it was different, haha. He then expressed how he has been reading and praying more and that he knows his answer won't come all at once in a big vision but little by little. He said that every day he feels more and more like this is the right path for him to be taking. Then his brother and sister-in-law came over and Gabriel was like "Oh yeah I invited them to come listen to you guys, is that okay?" and we're just like, "um... yes!!" We taught them and are going to start teaching them as well. It is incredible being able to see how happy this has made Gabriel and how quickly he's been able to see the blessings that come from living the gospel.

We had dinner at the branch president's house. We got to see a few members who had moved out of the branch but still lived near who we hadn't seen in a while!! Overall, what stood out to me the most throughout the whole day is how much love I have for everyone here. I love Gabriel and his family and want the best for them!! I love all the members here and am so grateful for their support and for the friendships I've made with everyone. I love Jesus Christ and love being able to be a missionary for His church :) I know this is true! Serving a mission is the greatest!! Days like these make me forget all about the not-so-great days!!

Thank you everyone for all you have done for me. This Thursday I hit one year and I couldn't have done it without ya :) Sorry this was a little longer than usual!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: we went to the st. louis science center and planetarium!! this is me next to a life-size portrayal of the tallest man who's ever lived lol.
Photo 2: this is one of that guy's real shoes!!
Photo 3: how much money it would cost to send a milk carton to space
Photo 4: how much money it would cost to send ME to space :)

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