Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 51: My first talk in Spanish

Since​ last week was so great I was worried this week would be a disappointment in comparison, but it ended up being a good one!! The weather is still pretty hot but I think in a few weeks it will finally start to cool off.

To be honest although it was a really good week in my opinion, there isn't anything that really stands out except yesterday when we were at church. Elder Solis and I spake at Sacrament Meeting and gave talks on missionary work. It was my first time ever giving a talk in Spanish! Haha, I thought I did alright even if I felt a little nervous. I shared a story that Elder Bednar shared in General Conference last October in which he talks about one of his kids feeling better after his older brother puts ointment on his cut and wanting to give all his friends ointment because of how good it made him feel. Here's a link if you wanna read it, it's one of my faves :) (

I'm on a mission because I want to share the joy this gospel brings to everyone! What we have is something everyone needs, and they can't get it unless we open our mouths and share it with them :)

Gabriel came to church again! This is the first time my entire mission so far where an investigator has come twice in a row, lol. Sad, right? It was awesome to see though. He came alone this time but we were still happy to see him there and he loved it of course :) He even stayed for the third hour this time!

Later that evening we saw him again and taught him the Law of Chastity, which he admitted was something he had struggled with in the past but that was slowly improving on. It's awesome because with every new invitation we give him he admits that it'll be tough to give up but doesn't twice about because he knows it's from God! We also gave him an illustrated kids Book of Mormon for him to read to his seven kids!! He is way solid and pray that he will be able to be baptized this month!!

This last year has been a great one! I've learned so much and although I have had some tougher moments, like I mentioned last week the good far outweighs the bad :)

Love, Elder Hayes

(photos to come next week!)

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