Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 8: Love meeting so many new people

Hey everyone! Another great week in the land of Missouri :) I am really enjoying my time here, although we still haven't been able to teach anyone. However we have really been progressing with a few other people we have been talking with!

Michael is a guy who we have been seeing for a while but whenever we see him it's usually just a doorstep conversation. However this last time we saw him we decided to just make it a lesson so we even said a prayer and everything! You need a closing prayer to count it as a lesson which we forgot to do so that's a bummer but it still went great! We taught him the entire Restoration and he really likes having us over. He says that he always feels good when he talks to us and that although he is not a reader that he is "one step closer" to opening the Book of Mormon and reading a little! :) He even said that he feels that God sent us to him when he needed it the most because he had been going through a tough time the first time we saw him and that on another day he might have just said no thanks! So awesome! I love seeing how the Lord has prepared so many people to hear the gospel. I just hope we can actually make him an investigator sometime this transfer! :)

Dylan is a guy we got to meet this week! He said he used to be religious and even read the entire Bible cover to cover but that he now considers himself to be agnostic! He is super friendly and cool and we talked to him about the Book of Mormon on his doorstep. We left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon and a pamphlet and he said that he would read the entire book in one month and to come back in four weeks! We wish we could see him sooner but we will have to wait and see if he's serious.

Yesterday we had a Mission Conference (which is why I didn't email until today) where we had the entire mission together for one big conference!! President Morgan said that this was the first time he's seen this and probably the last time! So crazy! Elder Sitati of the Seventy and his wife spoke to us and it was so great. He talked a little about how we can't convert past our own conversion and how important it is to strengthen our own testimonies before trying to help others! It was a great day!

Near the end of the conference (or so we thought), President Morgan got up and told us that the new movie Meet the Mormons had been doing super well in the box office and then announced that he had it right there on his laptop and that we were going to watch it! Everyone cheered super loudly (probably a little louder than we should have been) but it was the best thing ever. It is an amazing movie and I encourage all of you to see it! I loved it :)

The other day Elder Mattson and I were driving back to the apartment when we saw that Hardee's had BOGO cheeseburgers for only that day so we decided to go through the drivethru and get some... I had never had Hardee's/Carl's Jr. ever so it was a first!! And it was delicious, though I'd hate to see how many calories I ate, haha...

I love being a missionary and love meeting so many new people. I love this gospel and am so lucky to have it in my life! I love all of you!! Have a wonderful week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: Late-night Hardee's :)

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