Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 9 - My first discussion in Spanish!

Best week ever!! Seriously! It was so awesome, the weather was nice and we've been working hard and just having so much fun. I really love my ward and everyone is just so nice! We had dinner appointments nearly ever night, so that's always good :) Really what made the week was that we actually got an investigator!!

I few weeks back I mentioned a guy named Eddy who we have been talking with. He is like 30 and isn't religious but has always like Mormons cause we're "good people" and "aren't pushy" haha :) Pretty much we haven't been able to have an actual lesson with him, so we haven't been able to count him as an investigator... until now! On Wednesday we asked if we could sit down with him and read Alma 32 together and he was like sure and let us in! We opened and closed with a prayer and everything! The funny thing is I wasn't even there because we were on exchanges, but Elder Mattson was and he said it was awesome! We hope to get to teach him this week again :)
A member from the Weldon Spring ward (the other ward in our building) talked to her friend from work the other day and apparently her friend has some questions about her beliefs! We got her address and went over to see her on Sunday and it was awesome! Her name is Quinn and she is a nice single black lady with two kids. We gave her a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet and set an appointment for next Sunday! She even said that she wanted her kids to be there "in case they have any questions" :) Seriously so cool! I am so excited, she has so much potential! I really love seeing how God has prepared people to receive the restored gospel!

We are finally seeing the fruits of our labors and it is just awesome. We still have a lot of tracting to do, but we have talked about making it fun by rewarding ourselves with Sour Patch or something whenever we hand out a Book of Mormon haha :) Maybe that will help!

While Elder Mattson was on exchanges him and Elder Fullmer (one of the Weldon Spring elders) found a potential who didn't speak English named Bidal from Guatemala. The area for the Spanish branch covers like six regular areas so it is huge! Since I'm not in a Spanish speaking ward at the moment, if we find Spanish speakers we are supposed to refer them to the elders in the Spanish branch! Elder Mattson thought it'd be good for me to practice however, so we went over Sunday morning and taught him the Restoration! I taught a lesson in SPANISH! It was pretty nerve-wracking but I think I did a decent job for doing it by myself! I taught Elder Mattson how to bear a very simple testimony so he could contribute, haha :) After we taught him we referred him to the Spanish elders, so maybe when I'm transferred to the Spanish area I'll see him again! Crazy but fun experience :)

I also gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on how scripture study prepares me to preach the gospel. I was pretty nervous but like always once I got up there I did pretty good! I also didn't read it, which I had never done before! I am a pro :)

I forgot to mention this last week, but Tuesday was Elder Mattson's 20th birthday! His mom sent him a package full of cool stuff and also included a present for me! It's a yoyo and I have been playing with it nonstop. I wish I knew some cool tricks but it is still super fun and addicting, haha!

I am so excited for the future, especially with all these good things happening! Life is good :) I love all of you so much, you guys ROCK!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: our cool new doorhanger we leave on our apartment door whenever we leave :)
Photo 2: yo yo yo
Photo 3: yo yo yo pt. 2

(i couldn't decide which yoyo pic i liked better so i added both haha)

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