Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 54 - Gabriel gets baptized

First things first, it turns out I am staying with Elder Solis in the San Carlos branch for six more weeks! We definitely didn't see it coming, haha... I had mixed feelings about it at first but I'm pretty happy about it now. I really do love all the members and hopefully we will be able to see at least one more baptism here :) Which reminds me...

Gabriel got baptized!! It was such an awesome experience. It is crazy to think that we met him just two months ago. He progressed so fast and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of his conversion. He had asked me if I could confirm him the Sunday after which I did even if I was a little nervous, hehe :) It just so happened to be fast and testimony meeting, and Gabriel was the last one to stand up and bear his testimony!! He talked about how he wasn't so sure about us at first and how the first lesson we had with him, he didn't even let us inside! We just talked on his porch. But he felt good about what we were sharing and quickly felt the Spirit and felt comfortable with us :) So awesome!!

Gabriel's baptism was definitely the highlight of the week. The rest of the week was actually a little slower than usual. Recently we have dropped a lot of investigators and only have a handful at the moment. However, the nice thing is that they are all a lot more solid than they were in the past! It's a lot nicer to have a few solid ones than like 20 flaky investigators :)

Six weeks from now when I (probably...) leave the area, I will have been here for seven and a half months!! It's a pretty long time to be in one branch, but I really do love it here. I'm grateful for the chance I've had to improve my Spanish and also grow a lot :) Christ lives and he's guiding His church! I know that through His gospel we can all be cleansed from sin and lives as families forever. The great thing about a mission is that you dedicate two years of your life to do nothing but help others, but as you do that you also help yourself and get to grow spiritually. It's a win-win!

Thanks everyone for the support and the emails. My address is still the same for now... here it is again if you forgot ;)

10 Sugar Maple Ln. Apt. 8
St. Charles, MO 63303

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: Me with Hermana Reyes (a member from the branch) and her kids :)
Photo 2: Me, Gabriel and his wife, and Elder Solis!

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