Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 55 - I met Rey Chocolate

​It's been a fairly successful week! Something we've been doing as a zone is keeping track of how many people we contact, or in other words how many people we provide with an opportunity to learn more about the gospel. So if were to be street contacting and tell someone who we are and ask if they'd like to learn more, but they say no, it's still a contact because we did all we could! It's been cool because every week we try to raise that number and as we do that we end up talking to more people and finding more people to teach! It's been helping us all out a lot.

On ​Wednesday I got to sing in a missionary choir musical number at a transfer meeting! We sang We'll Bring the World His Truth, which is one of my favorite missionary songs ever :) It was pretty cool and we figured out a bunch of cool harmonies. We sounded great and everyone loved it!

Later that evening we taught this lady named Elvira. She is the mother-in-law of a member and she is really solid! She is very open to learning more and we had an awesome lesson. She had been taught in the past but it seemed that she didn't remember a ton about it. We explained a lot of things like why infant baptism isn't right and priesthood authority... so we started from the bottom with the Restoration and just had a great lesson! She even came to church on Sunday! :)

All the people we are teaching are doing awesome. We found a few new people this week who show a lot of potential and seemed really excited to learn more. One of them (named Patricia) actually commented that she had just had a loss in the family and that she believed we were an answer to her prayers! It's so great having knowledge about the Plan of Salvation and being able to assure people that we really can be together as families for eternity :)

It was been a rewarding week. I'm looking forward to giving it my all this last six weeks I have to be in the branch because who knows if I'll be returning! I love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

P.S. - This is kind of dumb but I had to share it. Last week I met a man whose name is literally "Rey Chocolate" which translates to King Chocolate!! So cool!! I will have to get a pic with him one of these days.

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