Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 58 - General Conference is the best!

What a week! So unfortunately, it was a little slower than most weeks. Most of our work happens on the weekends, so we think it was mostly due to General Conference taking up most of the weekend. Worth it, though! What a great conference it was!! I really loved it. Before my mission I never really appreciated how significant General Conference really is. It really does feel like all the talks are meant specifically for you!
Since not too much happened during the week, I'll skip straight to the weekend. Of course, Saturday we spent most of the day watching conference. One of the talks I really liked was Elder Holland's on the importance of mothers!! It really made me appreciate my mom and everything that she does for me. My mom is the greatest :)

I haven't always been the best at taking notes, but let me tell ya this time around I was writing stuff down nonstop! It was great! Ideas and thoughts just kept coming to me as I listened to all the speakers. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to hear from these people every six months and throughout the year in the church magazines. It's modern scripture!!

Before the first session on Sunday, we were able to teach a less-active member who we had found a few days earlier named Jorge. We just happened to knock on his door and he was like, "Oh yeah I'm a member! I was baptized when I was eight!" and we're just like, "What!! Awesome!" He hadn't been to church in the last ten years since he moved here from Guatemala. He says he'll be moving back in December, but he said he'd start coming to church now that he knows where the building is! Hopefully he'll get back in the habit even after it's been so long... :)

Sunday afternoon was probably my favorite session for some reason. I just really enjoyed every single talk. I'm sure ponderizing scriptures is going to be a big thing now on social media, haha :) I'm looking forward to giving it a shot!

Later that evening we taught Bella, who is a ten-year-old we started teaching a couple weeks ago. Both her parents are members and Bella wants to be baptized and take the lessons. Her parents are members and have testimonies but just don't go to church since there isn't a separate Spanish branch for the area they live in. The problem is there will never be another branch unless everyone gets reactivated first!! It's a vicious cycle.

Overall it was a slow week but I still learned a lot, especially from conference. I'm excited to read over and study the talks once they're released! I know this church is led by Jesus Christ and that the three new apostles were chosen by him directly through a living prophet!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photos: Eating hot dogs and roasting marshmallows at the Rice's home!

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