Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 62 - Effingham, Illinois

This week has been phenomenal!! So much stuff is happening! I seriously love this area. It is so different but so wonderful. I love the people and I'm not sure why but I love driving out to the tiny little towns and villages on the outskirts of our area. It's just super fun to me!! :) Driving down those country roads is so fun.

We met with Brandie a couple times and set a plan with her to stop smoking. She is getting baptized on November 28th, which at first I wasn't too sure about but after these lessons I am confident that she will make it. Her sister, who is a member, will be in town that weekend so she wants her to be there for it :) She is doing great!! Lots of progress!

A new family moved into the branch last week too. They are the Garcias and the wife, Claudia, is a member but her husband and six children are not! She was recently baptized in another ward but just moved to Effingham. They are super nice and we are starting to teach the husband!! I am so glad we have Spanish speakers to teach. I was definitely sent here for a reason! :)

We also got in contact with another cool family called the Angels, who are also Mexican. They were taught a few times in the past but the language barrier made it a little difficult for the past missionaries. Now that I'm here there might be a higher chance of them progressing!! Wooohooo!!

The biggest miracle of the week however was Kennedy. Kennedy is a guy that was found a week before I got to Effingham. He is 21 and has had a rough life but is really humble and super excited about the gospel. The first few lessons we had it was mostly just him talking and talking about his life and stuff so we weren't sure how interested he was, but he was able to come to church on Sunday and he is loving everything we are teaching him. He is reading the Book of Mormon and he is amazed at how much sense it makes to him. He even said at one point, "everyone needs one of these!!" :) He is just so enthusiastic. We love it! The biggest surprise was that he really wants to be baptized so we set a plan with him and the date is for November 21st!! It is pretty soon but we are confident that he will be ready by that date. We are so excited for him and so grateful for the opportunity we have had to find him and introduce him to the truth.

I love being a missionary. It is the greatest thing I've ever done! I love seeing the gospel change people for the better. I know this is the true church and that the work we are doing as missionaries is very real. It's true! It's all true!!

I love you all and have a great week :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: elder christiansen and i at a local corvette museum!!

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