Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 63 - There is no way this work we are a part of isn't true

​Lots of cool stuff happening over here. This week we emphasized working with members and have been making an extra effort to get them to come to lessons with us and also to help them be member missionaries themselves. It's been super cool!

Tuesday night we saw the Garcia family, the part-member family who recently moved in. We brought a Spanish-speaking member with us and taught them the Restoration. Darwin likes learning and asking questions but he does seem very set in his ways. He would ask questions like, "soo... is this Joseph Smith in the bible?" and stuff like that. I got a little annoyed but managed to keep myself in control, hehe :) They are a very nice family and hopefully we will be able to get them to church one of these days.

Kennedy, the investigator I mentioned last week who wants to be baptized, has been doing good for the most part. He has had a rough past and recently a few things came up that we were unaware of, so his baptism date for November 21st might still work, but it might be pushing it. He is still super enthusiastic and excited about all of it though! I am positive that it will happen when he's ready. It's been amazing to see the gospel change his life!! He knows it's true! He came to church again and loves it so much. He says he's shocked at how easy it is for him to stay three hours at our church but how he struggles to sit for just one hour at other churches, haha. Pretty awesome!

On Thursday we had a pretty good district meeting. I gave a training on contacting people. As a zone we are starting to keep track of how many contacts we get each week, or in other words, how many people we invite to learn about the restored gospel each week! My training emphasized how although we should be talking to everyone, we should also strive to give each person a fair chance and not be generic and quick about it just for the number. I thought I did pretty good :)

On Saturday we visited a less-active member named Sarah. She is Samoan but grew up in Hawaii! What brought her to rural Illinois I don't know, lol. She is super cool and we have been going through the lessons with her recently. At the end of our lesson, I noticed she had some family pictures on the wall and I asked if she had kids. She said she did and that they were not members of the church. We asked if she'd like them to hear the gospel and she said she would! So hopefully next week her children will be present and we will get to start teaching them. We're so excited!! :)

​Overall it was a really cool week. We found lots of people with some potential and even one family who seemed pretty excited to meet with us! Hopefully this coming week will be full of miracles too :) Illinois is super weird but I love being here! I've learned and grown so much. There's no way this work we're a part of isn't true. I know Christ lives and loves us and is leading this church!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: elder christiansen and i sippin some starbucks #rebels #jk #itsnotcoffee
Photo 2: sunset!
Photo 3: a meal i prepared for myself!! stir-fried veggies with eggs and queso fresco (mexican cheese)
Photo 4: walkin down a rural road in shumway, illinois (population: 207)

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