Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 64 - It's getting chilly!

Hello everyone! So I've been out 15 months now so that's pretty cool. This transfer is almost coming to an end which is insane to think about! I really love this area and all the people we get to help. Lots of stuff is happening!

So Kennedy is still struggling. He's got lots of problems but still really wants to be baptized. He comes to church every single week and reads and prays every day and does everything we ask but just has a few struggles that will take time I guess. It'll happen some day!

We found lots of cool people this week too! The most promising one is this lady named Madalynn (people call her Lynn) that we found while knocking doors a couple weeks ago. We were finally about to set up a time and were able to meet with her! Despite her many dogs' disruptive barks, we still had a great lesson and she agreed to read and pray. She said maybe to church, but ended up actually showing up! We are so surprised and happy for her!!

Someone else we started teaching is Lana, the 10-year-old daughter of a less-active member. She invited a few friends over too so we ended up teaching all of them! It was a pretty good lesson overall. Teaching kids is always interesting because you have to make everything so simple and you have to keep them captivated so they don't get distracted, haha. It was good though! :)

The last one we found is this 16-year-old girl named Baileigh. We knocked on her door one day and she said we could come back another time. We tried back and met her older sister and mom, who were both surprisingly also welcoming and really nice!! Our branch actually only has two young women, and Baileigh knows both of them from school, so we brought one of them to our lesson with her and it went so awesome! We are so excited for Baileigh and for everyone else we found this week. So many miracles!!

We have definitely been seeing the blessings of working diligently. We try to talk to everyone we can each day and we have been blessed with quality investigators to teach :)

On Sunday I gave a talk on hope. I was a little nervous and not looking forward to it too much but I'll be honest I did super good. My speaking skills have improved tremendously since I've been out here and I felt like I gave a pretty good talk! I also learned a lot during the preparation process :)

It's getting chilly! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, woohoo! :) I know this church is true! I know we can all live with our familes forever through God's plan for us! I love all of you :)
Love, Elder Hayes

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