Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 65: Prayer and diligence go hand in hand

What's up everyone! This week has been pretty interesting. We were able to find a couple new people to teach so that was really awesome! The downside of the week has probably been the weather... it is awful! Saturday it snowed and it was so cold and windy we were pretty much dying. I might be exaggerating but we were super cold. I love the snow when I can just chill by a fireplace and be inside but not so much when you're knocking doors on it... yeah lol.

So I think the biggest miracle that's happened recently is Madalynn. She seemed a little hesitant after our first lesson with her last week and did not expect her to come to church at all but she came last week and again this week!! She seems to like it actually! We also taught her the Plan of Salvation which she admitted was different but seemed to understand it. We are very excited for her!! :)

I forgot to mention this last week but Brandie, someone we had been teaching who was supposed to get baptized this month, sent us a text saying that she would not be getting baptized and asking that we stop coming by. We were completely shocked because she seemed completely willing and ready and had been coming to church for so long! We tried to visit her one last time but she wouldn't let us. We were really sad but have come to realize that we can't force her and it's her choice after all is said and done. We did all we could for her!

I am very excited for Thanksgiving! A few people invited us over so we might have multiple Thanksgiving meals lol. That should be exciting!! I love the holidays they are just so fun and exciting! Things are great here in Effingham. Thanks everyone for the love and support!!

Something else I've come to realize recently is how important prayer and diligence are. We can't do this alone but God also expects us to do our part. We can't just work or just pray! They go hand in hand. As we've tried to apply that we've seen quite a bit of success here! In fact, looking back at past records, the area is doing the best it has done in quite some time. Woohoo! :)

I love you all! Here's my address again:

404 W Edgar Ave. Apt. 1
Effingham, IL 62401

Love, Elder Hayes

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