Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 67 - It's not about us at all

Thanksgiving week was slow but this week we're picking it back up again! Yipee! We were able to find a few new people to teach and have lots of great quality lessons with our investigators. We also had a stake conference over the weekend and were also able to view the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, which I loved of course.

Elder Bednar's son is actually the second counselor in the Champaign IL stake presidency, so we got to hear from him and a bunch of other people over the weekend. It was​ all really great!! We even had a couple investigators come along :) It felt like all the messages shared were meant specifically for them and for us. I love when that happens!!

So our investigator, Donna, who is hopefully getting baptized on the 19th is having some struggles. She really wants to be baptized and comes to church every Sunday, but her sister (who lives with her) is very against her joining the Church. We were teaching Donna yesterday and her sister was loudly and rudely insulting Mormons and her sister's decision from the other room. We do have to give some props to Donna though because she's still sticking to her decision :) Please pray for Donna!!

This was the first week of a new six-week transfer cycle and Elder Christiansen and I are staying together in Effingham! We are both pretty happy about that. Things are going really well here. This time of year is so wonderful because everyone is just most open and willing to learn more about Christ. We all get a little homesick at times but I know it's worth it :) Our focus should be to make this the best Christmas someone else has ever had! It's not about us at all :)
I love all of you!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: christmas photoshoot at the famous effingham cross!

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