Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 70 - NEVER ignore spiritual promptings!

Sorry if this email is a little shorter than usual! My hands are really cold and it's hard to type lol. This week has had very good moments and also not so good ones. I'll start with the good news :)

Christmas Eve morning we were handing out the last of our A Savior is Born pass-along cards in downtown Effingham. We thought we were done when we realized Elder Christiansen had a couple more he had forgotten about! We kept walking and looking for people to give them to when a lady in a parked car notices my BYU-Idaho jacket and calls us over. She is with her kids and says that they just moved from Pocatello! She also says that her and her family were pretty much active members back in Idaho but her husband wouldn't let them be baptized. She had a calling and paid tithing and everything, though! It was definitely not a coincidence that I had that jacket on and that we had a few more cards to hand out :) Hopefully we'll see them this week!

I got to talk to my family on Christmas!! My third time Skyping home! It was so wonderful. I love my family sooo much! Christmas is really such a great time of year. Even if I was away from home I still felt their love for me and we also spent time with some awesome members who made us feel like we were at home :) We also got to watch Big Hero 6 and Inside Out which both came out after I left, so that was fun to watch! They were the best!!

The rest of the week was super slow, especially after Christmas... so Saturday evening we were going to see this member that lived about 30 minutes out of Effingham just out of this tiny town called Greenup. We were following our GPS and it decided to take us down this backroad. The last few days it has been raining nonstop and the road eventually started turning muddy and really rough. The map showed that the guy was just a mile or so ahead, and we were also scared we would get stuck if we stopped the car to turn around... so we kept going. The road got worse and worse and eventually we got stuck in this hole in the ground that had been caused by some flooding from the nearby creek. We tried and tired but eventually realized that it was useless and we would need to call a tow truck. A member came and took us to the missionaries' apartment in Charleston (the closest area) and we have been with them since then. Yesterday a tow truck tired to go get it for us but got stuck in the mud on the way into the road we were stuck on... (this is not a joke) and so hopefully tomorrow if the rains stops we will be able to get it out.

It has been a pretty unfortunate weekend, but it should all go back to normal soon. We feel so stupid and have definitely learned our lesson!! Charleston does not have a car so we had to walk 45 minutes through the rain to get to the library with them this morning. Not the funnest! Also this email ended up being longer than I thought lol :)

Soo it has been a bittersweet week! Next week should be better. And the week after that should be even better because the holidays will officially end and people will be more available. Yay!

I love you all! Pray for us and our car! Lesson learned this week: NEVER ignore spiritual promptings! It's not worth it!

Love, Elder Hayes

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