Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 74 - The Holy Ghost can give us all customized counsel through personal revelation

What a week!! Lots of things happened! After it was pretty cold for a few days, it's been warming up a tiny bit and this week shouldn't be as bad.

For some reason the last couple weeks have been a little rough on us with finding new people to teach. The ones we are currently teaching are all doing great but we just haven't been able to find any recently :\ It's alright though! We've set some good goals and this next week should be better!!

Good news: We set a baptism date with a lady named Hillary for February 27th!! She is pretty solid. I'm not sure if I've mentioned her in the past, but she lives about a half hour south of Effingham. We found her knocking some doors a few weeks ago and this was our third lesson we've had. She likes her current church but is interested in hearing what we have to offer. It's cool to see how she is really willing to give everything a chance. She says she doesn't want to turn us away without first seeing if what we offer is something better than what she has! Pretty cool! She is excited to be baptized!!

We saw her Saturday night and she was committed to come to Church the following morning but didn't come!! We were sooo bummed! Like last week, we had a lot of people committed to attend but only one showed up :( We aren't sure what more we can do for them! They all seem to want to come but then just don't make it :( We are sad for them but recognize that we are doing our part and that we shouldn't get too down on ourselves when things don't quite work out :)

Elder Cheney is doing well! He seems to have adjusted pretty quickly! It was a great week but hopefully this next week is even better!

Something that's become clear this week is how the Holy Ghost can give us all customized counsel through personal revelation. He will tell us what we need to improve on if we ask with real intent! During Priesthood on Sunday we read the talk "What Lack I Yet?" which outlines this pretty well. It was good and something I've been trying to incorporate into my prayers :)

I love this work and I know it's real! Thank you everyone for the support! Time continues flying by :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: so dramatic!!!!!
Photo 2: awesome after-storm sunset!!
Photo 3: Me with Elder Christiansen and some people we do service for every week! They actually aren't members but still love missionaries and appreciate our help :)

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