Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 78 - I had the privilege of baptizing Brian!

It's a new transfer! I am staying in Effingham to finish training Elder Cheney. This next transfer will be a seven week transfer instead of the usual six weeks, so we'll get an extra week together in the area. Fun fun!!

The weather has been amazing recently, a few days ago it got to like 75!! We were loving it!! It's getting chilly again but it definitely looks like Spring is around the corner :) I hate wearing thermals so I'm glad that weather is most likely gone now.

Highlight of the week was definitely Brian's baptism!! I had the privilege of baptizing him, although Elder Cheney also helped because he is a bigger guy and we didn't want him to fall :) We ended up having to do it twice because he didn't go all the way under. He was pretty nervous about it because of his health and balance problems, but it all worked out! It was a great service!! :) We are so blessed.

A few weeks ago we taught a part-member couple, Samantha and Clint, who came to church the next day but missed the next two Sundays. We met with them this last Saturday and had a great lesson with them! They said that they used to fight a lot but that since we met with them and they went to church they've been praying together and haven't fought once. Super cool! They came to church and Samantha (the one investigating) said that they weren't missing another Sunday. Woohoo!! They seem committed :) Only holdup is that they're not married at the moment, but baby steps...

Recently something I've been struggling with is just being positive. We've been working on finding new people so much recently and I just find myself getting pretty annoyed with everyone we talk to. Like maybe not verbally but afterwards I'm just like, "OH my gosh I am done with this street" haha it's not that bad but it is something I want to work on. I'm trying to learn to develop greater love for the people I'm serving, because I know that that's the only way we'll get through to them :)

Things are good! I love Effingham and all the wonderful people who live here. Thank you everyone for the love and support :) You are amazing!!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: me with brian and elder cheney at brian's baptism!
Photo 2 : the world's largest rocking chair (casey, il)
Photo 3: me ringing the world's largest windchime (also casey, il)

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