Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 75 - A week full of miracles

LOTS of miracles this week!! It has been such a great last few days. The weather has been amazing and so has the work!
So we have been teaching these two girls named Lana (10) and Nadine (16). Their mom, Sarah, grew up in the church in Hawaii but hasn't been active since she's lived here in Illinois (which was a while back). Pretty sure I've mentioned them before, but just a little refresher :) We set a baptism date with them for March 5th! They have not been able to make it to church yet but we really emphasized the importance of it and they seem excited to really commit this time. Please pray for the Ray family!! They are so great and the gospel would make the biggest difference in their lives :)

Something else that happened is we were teaching this less-active member when we started talking about her son (who is also a member) who had just moved out with his fiancee a couple months ago. We had been given the address and were planning on helping them, but for some reason or another it was cancelled! But we still had the address! It clicked in my mind that we could totally find where they lived and teach them. We taught them Saturday night and his fiancee, Samantha, was there and said she would read, pray, come to church, AND be baptized! Then the next day they were at church!! It was SO awesome!!

The last few weeks had been good but we were a little down on ourselves because it seemed like our investigators, weren't progressing as much as we wanted them to. But we have seen plenty of miracles this week! I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and for the promptings he gives us! It has made all the difference while I've been here in Effingham and throughout my mission as a whole. I love it so much!!

It's been a great week and next week should be just as good, if not better! I love you all!!

Love, Elder Hayes

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