Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 76 - Fasting is wonderful

This week has had it's fair share of both miracles and disappointments. We were able to find a couple new people to teach, had some great lessons and maintained a positive attitude through it all :)
One cool thing that happened is that we decided to try and get in contact with less-actives whose addresses and/or phone numbers we don't have by asking members about them. One less-active we wanted to see, Kyle, is actually another active member's twin brother. This member, Kayla, told us where he lived and that he was pretty sketchy and basically lived a pretty wild life, lol :) We decided to stop by anyway though!

He was pretty nice and we could definitely tell that he had been out of the church for a while... we had a couple appointments with him scheduled, but none of them ended up going through. Then on Sunday out of the blue, he walked into the chapel with Kayla! He was the last guy we expected to see there!! Apparently he had mentioned to Kayla that he had work off on Sunday and she was like, "Great, then come to church!" and he was like "uuuuhhhhh" like trying to come up with an excuse but then though, "Hm, well the missionaries have been trying to stop by..." and so he just decided to come! I guess the last time he had been "active" was like when he was in young mens. Hopefully he'll start making changes and come back fully to the church! :)

The sad part of the week was that nobody made it to church :( The Rays promised us that they would be making it but then for some unknown reason didn't come. They cancelled the lesson we had that afternoon due to something coming up, but we don't know why they missed church :( We were super bummed! And no one else came either! That had us a down for a little bit, but we got over it pretty quick :) We did our part by inviting them, after all!

Something else that helped with the week is on Fast Sunday, I decided to make my fast more specific than usual. I usually make it pretty general and fast for several different things (like any other prayer) but this time I dedicated my fast completely to the Ray family. It was cool because any time I felt a little hungry my thoughts went directly to them and I was reminded about why I was doing it!

Fasting is wonderful and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to do it. I definitely take it for granted sometimes! I love being a missionary and have honestly enjoyed the last week, despite the small disappointments :)
Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: me with my boy!! taken just this morning!!

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