Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 77 - I love the temple so much

It's been a pretty crazy week! Like last week, it had some really great moments but also a few sad moments. Overall though it was pretty solid and despite the bad weather, it's been a good seven days :)

We won't be able to teach the Rays for a while because the mom got kicked out of the house by the husband and she is no longer there the kids (for now) so that was super sad to hear. I see so much potential in them and can only continue praying for them so that in the future when things settle down and their mom gets to be with them that future missionaries will harvest the seeds we planted :) It's sad but it's life!!

Something cool that happened was that a few weeks ago somebody moved into the apartment directly below ours. However since everything got moved in we haven't seen a car outside or any lights on so it seemed like his stuff was there but the guy hadn't moved into the apartment yet. Two days ago in the late afternoon we saw his lights were on and decided to knock and introduce ourselves as the neighbors! He is a super nice black guy from South Carolina. He said his family would be coming up too in a few weeks and that we could teach him this coming Saturday! I see lots of potential with it. How cool would it be to teach and baptize a family that lives next door?? Updates to come next week :)

Brian is set to be baptized this Saturday!! It is going to be so great! It's been awesome to be able to see the gospel work in his life. He's found a lot of comfort in knowing that he'll see his son again, who recently passed away. We are so blessed!!

We found quite a few new people this week too. We had a lesson scheduled with the Angel family and they had forgotten about it and were about to head out. Maria told us they were going to her brother's house just a couple blocks down the road, and said we could follow them there and teach all of them! His name is Adan and his wife is named Diana. We got to share a brief message with all of them and will get to teach them again this week. Woohoo!

Lots of good things are happening honestly. It's easy to get down on ourselves when things don't work out perfectly, but we are still staying positive and enjoying the blessings God is giving us :)

I know Christ is at the head of this Church and that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Him!! I got to go to the temple again this week and it was such a wonderful experience. I love the temple so much. Please don't take it for granted, especially since most of you live so close to one!! Love you all!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photos: pics at the St Louis temple!!

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