Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 80 - I know God is aware of all His children

Sooo this week was a bit slower than usual. It was interesting, because while we had some really great moments, the rest of the time was just kind of blegh. Not bad at all, though!

It seems like we are doing all we can, yet we are still struggling to find a whole lot of people. Last week we did okay, but this week wasn't so successful. However, we did set a few appointments for next week that have some potential, so this next week might be better! Woohoo! We also have a zone conference tomorrow which I am super excited about. Zone conferences are the best because you get to meet with lots of missionaries for a day and learn so much and have a great time. Super cool! I'll tell you about it in a week :)

The highlight was our meeting with Roy. He didn't make it to church, but we met with him later that day. If you don't remember, he is the black guy from South Carolina who lives below us. He told us that he had not read anything yet, but after we talked about why we invite him to do so and the blessings it will bring, he committed to do so before our next visit. Yay!

We were also able to set a baptism date with him for April 9th, the weekend after conference! He is excited to work towards that goal. The only issues are that he drinks vodka and coffee, so who knows how easy it will be for him to give those up... besides that though he believes that him moving into our same apartment building was meant to be and he says he isn't about to ignore a sign from God. He is a really humble and awesome guy!

We also set a baptism date with Kennedy for March 26th! We've been meeting with him since I first got to Effingham and he has had his fair share of ups and downs. Right now, the only thing holding him back would be his Word of Wisdom issues. He has quit tobacco, but is working on weaning​ off his vaporizer. We hope he's able to quit by then!

While the week did seem slower, we still saw a lot of miracles. I know God is aware of all His children, even if sometimes they forget about Him. I love this gospel and love seeing how much it blesses others! The change is real! This church is true.

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo: Bowling!!!

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