Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 81 - We are being showered with blessings over here

So many miracles this week!! Where to begin...

Tuesday we had a zone conference in Springfield, IL and it was great! The whole focus was on repentance. It kind of reiterated what had been shared with us during a worldwide broadcast we had a couple months ago I may have mentioned when it happened? Anyway, apparently repentance is skipped/looked over too often when teaching so we are all trying to reemphasize its importance before baptism and also working on showing our investigators how to do it, not just telling them about it. It was a great day!!

Wednesday we had a great lesson with Kennedy, who is still working towards a baptism date of March 26th. Fingers crossed!! He had some doubts about whether he was ready or not but it ended up working out and we were able to resolve the concerns he expressed. He really needs prayers though, we are hoping his date will go through!

Friday night we were planning for the next day and as we thought about what to do all day, I suddenly felt very unmotivated and kind of pessimistic. Like overall I am a pretty positive person but every once in a while (especially recently) I will feel like that. Pretty much all we had to do was knock doors and I was just not feeling it, lol. However we decided to follow the advice of some other elders in the district and ask God what streets we should work on. We prayed and picked a few streets we felt seemed alright and I went to bed kind of dreading the next day.

To my surprise, Saturday ended up being one of the best days of the week! We were tracting in the morning and on the fourth door we knocked on, this couple let us right in and we taught them and invited them to church the next day. They didn't make it, but it was still a great lesson and a very appreciated blessing that set the tone for the rest of the day :) It was a very humbling experience and it strengthened my testimony of prayer. I love prayer! It works!!

Sunday we were able to teach this cool lady named Mayra from the Dominican Republic. We taught in mixed English and Spanish so Elder Cheney and the member we were with could contribute. It went really well and she wants to come to church next Sunday :)

We are being showered with blessings over here. I love being here and love all the people we are teaching. I love all of you! Have a good one :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photos 1 & 2: My dad served his mission in Bolivia, and I can now say that I have too!!
Photo 3: This is Bolivia, IL. There are literally like four houses lol
Photo 4: My go-to meal!! eggs + veggies + queso fresco + mesquite smoked turkey + avocado + valentina sauce = mmmmmmm!!!

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