Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 87 - I really am so blessed to be here right now

This week's been crazy! First off all, the weather's been amazing for the last two weeks. It's warm and the sun's always out and it's great!!

We were able to start teaching this family called the Nunez. The father is actually a member but his wife isn't and either is his daughter, who turns 9 pretty soon. They are a super nice family, although the wife isn't very interested and is actually opposed to their daughter being baptized :( We aren't sure how to help them progress. We will keep meeting with them though and want to focus on the father and getting him fully reactivated.

We also started teaching this lady named Peggy who requested a free Bible off of At first we weren't sure how capable she was of comprehending things, but we think she is slowly starting to grasp what we are teaching her. She even came to stake conference yesterday and seemed to enjoy it! We will see if she continues to progress. We'll just be teaching little by little!

We were very blessed this week to be honest. We were able to meet so many new people and teach so many of them! It has been wonderful. I think it's really just because we are trying so hard to talk to everyone we see. Lots of people are out walking around because of the nice weather so we've just been going out of our way to invite everyone to learn about the gospel, and people have been receptive surprisingly!!

I love working with Elder Soutas. Him and I get along and are doings lots of good in this area :)

We saw Audrey this week, and she confessed that although she went to church last week, she actually didn't want to go again because she felt that the Sacrament Meeting was too irreverent. She thinks all the kids should be put in a daycare so it's not so loud and that there were too many people talking and not paying attention to the speaker. It's really sad but hopefully be able to help her see why we sit as families for the first meeting and also coordinate with the Bishop to help the ward with being more respectful.

I really am so blessed to be here right now. I know it's where God needs me to be! I love you all!! :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: I turned 20 on the 16th and we made a cake with some mix my mom sent us :) we had some skittles and sour patch kids so we decided to throw those into the cake too to make it better. Turned out awesome!!!
Photo 2: that pink squiggle to the right of me is a balloon. lol

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