Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 88 - It's been a week of miracles

​Hey everyone, so it's been a week of miracles with a few disappointments sprinkled throughout. It's been great overall, though.

Good news: Brother Nunez and Waleska (his daughter) we're teaching came to church and loved it! He comes fairly regularly now and Waleska loves Primary :) She even knows a few of the songs! We are so happy for them. We still aren't sure when she will get to be baptized because her mom still isn't for it :(

We taught Peggy a couple times last week too. She really wants to be a part of our church because she said she felt so much more welcome there than at her other church! She's even read a little from the Book of Mormon too. The sad part is that she lives with some other family members, and they called us the other day asking us to stop meeting with her and to no longer contact her at all. It was super sad because she wants to come to church and keep learning, but we can't go against her family :( All we can really do is pray for her and hope that some day in the future her family will soften their hearts.

We were having trouble finding people to teach this week, but Sunday night at like 8:30 we decided to try this guy we had met earlier that week named Francisco. Since it was late, we weren't expecting to get to really teach him, but he let us right in and we shared a brief message with him about families and the Book of Mormon. He is from Mexico and we will be meeting with him (and hopefully his family) later this week! Such a miracle! :) It was a very nice ending to our week.

All the missionaries in my district are doing great. I love being a district leader and getting to serve them and help them out :) Our next district meeting is on Cinco de Mayo, so we will be singing the opening and closing hymns in Spanish. I try to keep things interesting, hehe :)

I love the people here! This next week should be another great one. It is unreal how fast time flies. I've loved my mission and am exciting for the great things that will happen the next few weeks :) I love you all!!

Love, Elder Hayes

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