Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 91 - I know God is mindful of all His children.

​Wow, week 91 already... yikes!

We got transfer calls on Saturday and I am staying in Springfield! Elder Soutas will be leaving and I'm getting Elder Dial, who I do not know, but people say he's a super cool guy and that we'll get along great. I'm excited for it! We will also be co-district leaders, which will be interesting. I've been district leader for a while, but this time we will both be district leaders at the same time over the same district. Should be fun!!

It's been a great last week with Elder Soutas. I have learned a lot from him! The area is doing really well! We found a bunch of cool new people to teach. One cool thing that happened is we went to this lady's house with a member for an appointment, but she ended up not being there. We tried to visit a less-active member who lived next door, but he didn't answer either... but as we were walking back to our car, some people who were outside their house across the street called out and said we could go talk to them! It was super unexpected. They were all super cool and we taught them and answered some questions they had right then and there! We talked for a while and it was awesome and we set appointments with them to talk some more! They want to come to church and are really looking for a church with a good program for children... we are excited for it!! :)

I don't think I've mentioned him yet, but we are also teaching a man named Messan who is from Togo, a French-speaking country in Western Africa! He is the coolest guy ever and actually met with missionaries in Togo too. He has come to church before, but it has always been in the other ward that meets in the morning, because of his work later in the afternoon. However, this Sunday he came to our ward for the first time with a French family that has been fellowshipping him! It turned out he also somehow knew another French-speaking member from working at one of the hospitals here. What are the odds!

I know God is mindful of all his children and that I am here for a very specific reason. I'm excited to give it my all these last few months and to see how our investigators progress this week :) I know this is true! I love all of you!!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: cool picture of jesus i drew!
Photo 2: the district!!
Photo 3: cool picture i took while looking into another elder's sunglasses!!!

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