Monday, June 13, 2016

I LOVE following the Spirit!

This week has been the best!! Get your reading muscles ready!!!

Monday evening was great, which set the tone for the rest of the week :) We were able to find two new people named Nicole and Brenna. They are roommates and we had a great lesson with them! We had found Nicole originally over a month ago out in the country while trying to find someone else's house. She was outside another house with some friends and we got her number and had been trying to set something up since, and we were finally about to this week! It was just a huge tender mercy because we were literally in the middle nowhere, like the last place you would expect to run into somebody outside!! We had a great lesson and they really want to come to church. Couldn't this week, but they are planning on it this coming Sunday. Woohoo!!

Tuesday was great because we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I was with an Elder Robinson, and we had so much fun! It was a great day. One cool thing that happened was we were parking around the corner from this potential we wanted to try, when I saw this lady sitting out on her porch a few houses down. I told Elder Robinson, "Alright, let's go try this guy then on the way back we'll talk to that lady" so we did, but on the way back to the car we realized she had gone inside! My first thought was, "Oh well, too bad" but then I had this sudden impression that said, "Just knock on the door!"

We knock on the door, and she answers and after we introduce ourselves she says, "Oh, I know exactly who you are!" And we're like, "Um, what! How!" and she then tells us how she used to go to our church!! And we have no idea who she is, she's just some random lady! We ask, "Wait, were you baptized and everything?" to which she replies, "Oh yeah, I got baptized and even did baptisms for the dead!" WHAT! Turns out she is already on our ward roster, but we didn't have a current address! But we happened to run into her!! I LOVE following the Spirit!!

Thursday we had a Zone Conference!! It was SO good and since President Morgan is actually leaving in a few weeks, it was our last time to see him. Him and Sister Morgan have been the greatest, I love them so much! I'm excited to have a new mission president for like a month and a half, hehe :)

Friday and Saturday were WILD! We were helping a member do some roofing on a house he's working on. It took forever but it was actually really fun! But I also learned I never want to be a roofer, bahaha. Our legs were sooo sore!!

Sunday, we had no investigators at church BUT we had two less-active members we've been working with come for the first time in forever! One is named Andy, and he served a mission and everything but hadn't been in like 20 years. And he had a great time!! And the other is Ann, and she left after Sacrament but HEY it's a start!

Sorry this is so long! It's just been great. I LOVE this area!! We are doing great!!

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: zone conference!! me and elder peterson (who was in my last district!)
Photos 2 and 3: crepe night at the GC's!!! the GC's are a French family in the ward and they are the best!! GC is short for Giraud-Carrier!

(more photos on the way!)

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