Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 92 - Service softens hearts!

It's been a fun first week with Elder Dial! He is a super funny guy and is pretty easy to get along with. It's also interesting being co-district leader because it lets us kind of share the load. It's different, but also nice :)

We had another great meeting with Messan on Thursday. He is very sincere and loves learning and it seems he wants to be baptized! The only thing really holding him back is that the rest of his family is still in Togo, and he wants to consult with them first. Ideally, he would like it to be a family matter, but the distance and the circumstances make that difficult :( We invited him to pray and fast about what he should do. We aren't sure what else we can do. We'll be thinking hard about how to help him!

Later in the week was also met with Brother Nunez again, and he is doing awesome. He is returning to activity and has scheduled a time to meet with the Bishop to start getting his Patriarchal blessing!! It has been so cool to see him come back. It is sad that his wife won't let us continue teaching his daughter, but oh well... maybe some day!

On Friday we were walking down a street to go see someone when we pass this house with probably the worst lawn I have ever seen... like the grass was three feet tall and there were a bunch of weeds in it that could pass as small trees. No joke. So it was pretty rough looking, but we felt a prompting to go ask her if we could help her out. We knock on the door, and this lady answers and the conversation goes as follows:

"Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?"
"Latter-day Saints?"
"Yep, that's us!"
"Oh, well it doesn't matter. You know you're deceived, don't you?"

Hahaha so yeah that was fun. But we just ignore the question and ask if we can do yard work for her. She asks how much we charge, and when we tell her we'll do it for free as a service project, she stops talking for a second and her eyes start tearing up. She was completely shocked and was astounded that anyone would volunteer to do it!! She said she had been looking for people to help but that no one was really willing and that the city was going to fine her if she didn't get it cut somehow. Plus she is pretty disabled, so it's hard for her to do too much.

We ended up doing her lawn on Saturday with a couple members. We only had one small lawn mower, and so it took a while... hahaha it was quite the endeavor! It was pretty fun though. The lady was super grateful and even said we could teach her sometime! Service softens hearts!!

Being a missionary is great! I love serving the Lord! Jesus lives, and is His church! I love you all!! :)

Love, Elder Hayes

Photo 1: Brother Nunez, Waleska, and me!!
Photo 2: locking the apartment with elder dial!!
Photo 3: driving!!!

Photo 4: driving!!! pt. 2

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