Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 93 - Tevin was his name

​Soo this week was... something! Lots of appointments fell through, which made for a slower week sadly :( We were a little bit discouraged but it ended up getting a little better near the end.

It was Wednesday and we were a little frustrated at the lack of success we had been having so far. We decided to go try this lady who we had met a week before who didn't seem super solid, but who lived close to us and on the way home... so we tried her anyway! She was not home, but her 22 year old grandson was! Tevin was his name, and he let us right in! We shared a brief message about our purpose as missionaries and the power of the Book of Mormon.

We set a return appointment with him for Friday, and Elder Dial and I were both expecting him to flake out and be a no-show. But nope, he was there and ready for us!! Totally caught us off guard. We had been praying pretty hard for people to keep their appointments, and so Tevin really brightened our week :) It was a very good lesson! Elder Dial and I both commented on how strong the Spirit was afterwards.

Sunday was probably the best day of the week. No investigators came to church, but it we just had really good church meetings! Our Ward Mission Leader is also the Gospel Principles teacher, and he gave a great lesson on repentance and overcoming weaknesses! It was awesome because a returning member who we have been working with was there, and it seemed like it was just for her! She even commented on how Satan had put so many excuses in her head that morning, but that she ignored them all and came anyway... and how glad she was that she did :) It was cool!

Then that evening we taught a couple other less-active members. One of them is named Andy and I can't remember if I've mentioned him, but he grew up in the Church and is actually the nephew of Bonnie L. Oscarson, which is pretty crazy! He is super nice though.  He even served a mission and everything, but after getting depression and questioning lots of things, he has not been active in a couple decades and isn't sure what he believes anymore. He said he would come to church next Sunday though! It has been forever since he's gone, so it will be super cool to see what he thinks of it.

So overall, rougher week, but we learned a lot from it. This week's looking like it will be phenomenal! I'm so excited! I know this is the Lord's church and that He lives today!!

Love, Elder Hayes

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